Nesting...or just smart!

I am going to go with just smart. In the last week this is what I have prepared to be a freezer ready meal after our little babe arrives!

-About 3 Gallons of Chicken Wild Rice Soup!
-2 Meatloaves
-1 Gallon of Cream of Mushroom Soup
-2 Ham and Cheese Quiche
-1 Proscuitto and Tomato Quiche

And I'm still going! It's crazy how you get things done when you know it's necessity!


raggedy ash said…
you are a rockstar. kickasstacular. the awesomest. my guru.

<3 you.
Bridget said…
well I don't know what it is but make sure to call me when you have the baby cause i'd like to have some of that stuff too ;)
both!! I had about 4 meals frozen and tHAT felt good! Maybe I will be joining you for a meal or two over the next couple of weeks! haha, just kididng
Ehlan said…
Very impressive!
Bridget said…
a lady i work with is losing her husband pretty fast, so i was going to make them some meals to did you do your quishe?

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