Wonderful old friends!

I don't mean old in age...I mean old in length of knowing. I have to say I had invited a friend over for lunch today with her 4 children; we had the idea that we would be outside having a picnic lunch and just enjoy the 70 degree day! I, however, was not myself today. Why? Well let me just count the ways:

Too much caffeine (disclaimer: Scott I truly appreciate the Caribou...TRULY)
Early riser children who proceeded to be cranky about all things
Overdoing it by rearranging 2 rooms by 9am
Overdoing it by doing 2 loads of laundry by 9am
Overdoding it by cleaning up a bit much by 10am
OH yeah...did I say I totally over did it!
Prepping 3 toddlers for outside play
Prepping one overpregnant woman for outside play
A dear friend (and her brother seperately) dropping by
Another dear friend (and her 2 children) stopping by
My sister stopping in as well!
And another old friend stopping in (with her 4 children).....
My mom and other sister dropping by as well.

Ok...all of this to say that by the time my "dear old friend' stopped by I was really glad that she is an old friend and knows me pretty well! Because I was not at all myself...rather out of body if you ask me. I just kept looking at her, she looked back, and we laughed. I am not usually like this...I can usually do a million things in a day and still be "the hostess" to all of my "dropper inners"....(yes I know intellectual verbage), today...OHHHHH that was not the case. I was a mess. SO Miss...thanks a million! I love you!


Miss said…
well, my wonderful old friend! I love you too!!

I actually thought of you alot during the day after I left your house and kept laughing to myself b.c you were so funny! A bit more fiesty than usual and bit caotic in your thinking...but that made you all the more fun! =) hahaha
It seriouslly...was out of body! WIERD! I am usually totally in control...not that day!
Ehlan said…
Old friends are the best--there's nothing more than being comfortable with an old friend when you are out of sorts! How's that baby cookin in there?

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