Brain Freeze

So how many Freezie's can a pregnant women consume in a 24 hour period? So far I am up to 7 in one day...and not the wimpy ones by the way! I buy the "quality" larger sized freeze pops! MAN they are good!


Miss said…
oh man, I ate those ALL of the time when I was pg with Ella! But I would eat them AND animal crackers (together)! was so good!

so, I hear ya!! =)
animal crackers...? That's one I have not heard! But them again you really surprise me sometimes a good way!!
Miss said…
seriously, I would crawl into bed every night with my bag of animal crackers and about 5 freezies and chow down!!

I have hardly had any animal crackers ever since! haha
I love your site. The kids are adorable. How fun to be having another baby. I wrote a post last week about sadness also as I sat watching the snow fall. I feel your sadness. I also feel your love for freezies. When I was pregnant with my first I lived on them all summer-October baby. I hardly eat them anymore. Blessings to you and your lovely family.
I too never eat them when I am not pregnant! It's just a preggo thing I guess! Thanks for reading...
raggedy ash said…
go for 7 frozen gatorades in one day...i dare you.

can't wait to meet bebe 4!

big love,
Miss said…
hello!! I am waiting to hear your 100 things

or 50 or 10. Ya big wuss! =)

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