No babe yet!

Obviously I think you have figured that out by now. So here's the deal...if you aren't too sick of hearing these updates that are now OVERDUE!

On Dr. was convinced that induction yesterday would've been the best idea....I am inclined to follow her inclination. I would much rather give this babe (who seems to be completely healthy and happy in there) some more time.

Due to the diagnosis of polyhydramnios a few weeks ago my Dr. will not allow me to go any further than this coming Tuesday the 29th. I do have a scheduled induction at that point...but please be praying that this sweet baby may make it's arrival on it's own terms prior to that. Next Tues. I would be almost 2 weeks overdue as well, and as much as I am enjoying these last days, my nerves as to how large this baby is also making me a little nervous too!

My opinion however is that God would like as much of His own time as possible to bring this babe I am patiently waiting (while being as active as someone 41 weeks preg. can be) and hoping for the arrival of our next son/daughter.


Kelly said…
Poor girl. I feel for you but I am also excited to see what you have and what his/her name will be.
Miss said…
oohhh...I hope your baby predictor is right! =) Not b.c I wouldnt love for you to have a little pearl, but after having three boys, you just need to have another one! Can you imagine TWO of them stealing your heart? =)
Megan said…
Wow!! Your little baby must really love your uterus!! Hope your spirits are high and you get as much rest as you need!!
Ehlan said…
Come on baby! You can do it! Here's for a healthy few more days...or baby could come now!! Either way!! :)
susanc said…
I too am an overcooker...all four of mine were WAY overdue too...yep like two weeks over...good luck, hope the delivery goes well and that when you meet your new little babe your heart melts all over again. How wonderful for you all :)

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