Still in the happy place

This babe is obviously very happy where it lies. The environment is roomy enough and the food source keeps I guess what do you expect. However, my body, has other things in mind. This, being my 4th pregnancy, has been an interesting one.

You see I am one of those "love being preggo" people...and this time my body is saying that I am "done being preggo". It feels as though my body is giving out a little...but I know I can make it. The spring weather is helping....and I just decided that I will just have to give up on a few things until the day comes:

A Clean House daily
Laundry done and put away daily
Dishes (yes hunny...that means it's up to you most of the time)
Activities after 5pm
Homemade meals every night (thanks mom..for my sunday break!)

You get the drift right? So here's to trying to give up some things tomorrow!

BTW I have not, however, given up on my new found patience with my children. The past week 1/2 have gone wonderful since my new children and I are better for this resurgence of patience!


Megan said…
I am very envious of your diligence and committment to a clean household. I lack in that department. I keep it as straight and neat as possible, but I let most things go like dusting and getting the laundry put away. I get on track and then one day can just set it spiraling away from me.
So you should give yourself a hug! (I hate the pat on the back analogy)
Good luck over the next few days with that content little on in your womb! I have had no contractions since Monday and feel pretty good about that!
Miss said…
you are a wise woman my friend! Chose patience with your children over a clean house. GOOD CHOICE!

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