Five for Friday

These next 5 items are just little snippets of my life. They may be thoughts, they may be actions, they may be happenings. At any rate...they are my "Five for Friday"! You are welcome to join.

1) I am a middle child. But for a portion of my life I have chosen to take the role as the eldest. However, now, the times are changing.
2) Despite all of my efforts to lose this baby (x 4) weight, my weight has not budged since a week prior to Thanksgiving. Believe me...not for lack of effort. Instead for lack of restraint towards food.
3) I find that my patience wears thin when I tired. This seems to be an issue...since I have been a bit tired since....2003!
4) A little known fact. My, now husband, did not make a "move" on me until approximately our 10th date. At which point he finally kissed me.
5) There are times that music can literally bring me to tears in moments. It isn't the words. There are certain harmonies that ring straight to my soul. A certain dissonance.


Oh, I totally agree on the music thing! It's been that way my whole life. Just speaks right to my soul. :)

Can't wait to see what's on your new website that you're launching!

kristenkoleary said…
Hello my friend! I'm with you on 2 & 3, at least the no restraint part of #2! I ate all Thurs. night's leftover chocolate cake with almond fudge frosting on Friday for breakfast! (and it wasn't just a little bit) Agh!
#3 & #5 i'm there with ya!


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