"Not Me" Monday

Yeah yeah yeah! I know...it's been a while. But my Sunday's into my Monday's have been nothing short of crazytown around here...for quite some time!

But I'm back...with a brand new invention...something...NOOOOO that's not what I wanted to say!

I am back and ready to embarrass, humiliate and poke fun at myself in hopes of making each and every one of you laugh hysterically. What? It isn't working? Well there are plenty more people who probably will make you laugh if you link over to MckMama's site!

She has shared a veritable wealth of "not me's" for our pleasure as well as linked us right up, ever so easily, to hundreds (yeah...that's right) of others who have joined along. So go have a look!

Since I have read that quite a few of you have already cleansed your homes of the Christmas garb..I am here to tell you that I will "not" leave my Christmas decor out until February 1st, 2009. No..."not me", I am much to scheduled about things. I am tidy. I am organized...I would definitely "not" hold onto this beautiful season with dear life.

Boy oh Boy, my Finn is having an emotional time lately. To calm him down in church today I definitely "did not" allow him to take a sip or two of my coffee because he was thirsty. The last thing an emotional 3 year old boy needs is caffeine. "Not me"!.

While battling our 4 year old, Lilly, at bedtime last night i "did not" have to finally threaten to take her actual blanket away! I mean...what kind of currency is that? Or was it because there was literally nothing that had "not" been done and nothing left to take?! I am much too caring, kind, gentle and loving to go that far. "Not me"!

Oh yes...and whilst out and about the other day Finn proclaims to me, "Momma my undies are a little wet!". I ask why and he proceeds to tell me "I just peed in them a little bit! But it's ok! They will dry.". I would absolutely "not" allow him to continue wearing them, saying "yes dear, they will!". That would be disgusting...and I would for sure be completely prepared and have a spare set in the instance that this would ever happen in my life.

While sitting her...blogging my little heart away, I definitely "did not" eat this little, tiny, miniature, cute, single serving of Nutella just because. My dear sis, Ash, sent them over while I was ill last week. Knowing how much I LOVE Nutella...and knowing that this is why I "cannot" have a large container in my house. So..in her kindness she gifted me these! How cute! And..also while sitting here I am "not" contemplating eating another...even though there are only 3 left. I have 3 children old enough to eat them. I really should share. So I will "not" eat another!
That's it for now folks! Remember to check back and see that I would definitely "not" miss next week!


Courtney said…
Okay...between you and MckMama, I've really got to try these Nutella things. What are they, anyway? Aren't they some sort of spread? I'm so confused...but if you're that addicted to them, I'd better look into it... :)

Hilarious post, my friend! And thanks for your sweet words on my blog about my pics...I take them as the highest compliment coming from someone who can make Nutella look like art.

Courtney in Indiana
amanda said…
i've probably decided that i would've done the same thing with my son...of course when he's old enough to tell me that! (he's only two months old after all) i have not threatened to take away blankets EVER. lol
Ehlan said…
love the wet pants! :) I'm fine by the way-just being induced to end this whole saga and begin the next one! :) Thank you for your concern, and prayers are always appreciated!
Jessi Dawn said…
OH, that's so funny! We mommies do what we need to to make it through!! I am a mommy of FOUR UNDER FOUR, too! How exciting to find another one of us out there!

raggedy ash said…
awwww, glad you liked the nutella! j & i had crepes over new years and i was WISHING i had some...

maybe lilly would understand your consistEncy if you spelled it correctly? just a suggestion... :) JUST KIDDING!!!!

kicking you while you're down for 27 years strong,
ash <3
Oh what a fun post - I love reading all these Not Me Mondays ... I should try it ... but the list could go on and on and on! I found your blog through top Savage Bloggers on Feedjit and it has been fun reading all about your family ... Happy New Year!

Megan Marie said…
what in the world is nutella?
Tiffany said…
Well I do agree with the Nutella, so delicious! And so many ways to eat it but nothing better than digging in to it straight! :) Mmmm Mmmm good!

Coffee to a 3 year old, to keep him quiet! HAHAHA!! How long did that last? Him being quiet after being jolted by that java juice! That's hilarious!

You're a hoot!

Thanks for coming over and taking a gander at my not me's. AND!!! for entering the contest! YIPPE!! Best of luck to you!

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