He works

If you read my blog then you read the 4 posts regarding the 2 year anniversary of my sweet brother, Zach's, death. And I have to share that God was there in those writings. Let me tell you, as I was writing those all I could think is how terrible they sounded. I never proof-read, spell checked or read over those posts before clicking "publish". Why? Because I needed to write them and quick, while emotions were raw. I didn't really care how they sounded....so there they were.

God has overwhelmed me with the number of people that have called and emailed me regarding those posts. My parents have gotten calls and comments.

So I am here to say...that wasn't me! My writings were not of any special talent or stature. They were rambling thoughts from the mind of a grieving sister. "Anyone who read that was brought to that same time and place with you", was a comment....that was God. He was bringing you there...allowing you to be a part of an experience that maybe, just maybe, affected you somewhere within. Thank you Jesus for that.

So...if by chance, you were affected by those posts. Know it wasn't me. I can take no credit for the work of The Spirit. No credit is due me...none.


Jen said…
Jake and I were thinking of you and your family last week, your posting definitely brought it all back. Thank you for sharing with all of us to remember. Stay strong!

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