Ramblins of a 4 year old.

Comment from Lilly's Preschool teacher:

Teacher: "Oh I forgot to tell you a story about your daughter Lilly. I had heard that one of our preschoolers mom's was expecting another baby. Naturally I thought it was you, so I asked Lilly. She was so funny...she said "no, my momma isn't having another baby. She really wants one, but my daddy says not right now!".

This made me laugh so hard. This happened right before Christmas when our sweet baby Pearl was only about 7 months old. I thought it was so funny the way she said naturally. As if it's my destiny to be pregnant all the time....oh what a GREAT destiny that would be!


Bridget said…
I can't wait to hear your having another one :)
amanda said…
lol. too cute. my hubby and i are going on a 'date' tonight...last time we went on a date by ourselves and the kids slept over by nana's...we had a baby nine months later...yesterday my husband said to my daughter...you know what happens when mom and dad go out? you get another brother or sister!! lol. ramblings of a husband! but i don't mind.
Megan Marie said…
so cute! I'd be preggo all the time too...oh well!

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