And I mean in more ways than one. I am just sick about the 12 syringes a day of medication that I am currently pumping into my children!

Don't mistake...I know that there are just times when I feel medication is necessary, but we try to keep that to a minimum. We allow fevers to break on their own, rarely even use a thermometer (my lips are my thermometer), Coughs and Runny noses typically go unassisted and dry up sooner or later and the flu is solved with a lot of water and love! But...ear infections, barky coughs just shy of a bronchial infection, for me, require a little assistance!

So...then multiply that by 4 and that is a whole lot of antibiotics/cough medication.

Right now Finn and baby Pearl have ear infections. Finn has had 2 sets of tubes already and now one of them is already out from a year ago. This is Pearl's 3rd ear infection. The first one we didn't treat and just helped it along and the 2nd one took antibiotics after it wouldn't go away. So this time...they just wrote the script right away.

Sylvi, Finn & Pearl are all on a cough medication to loosen up their lungs. They honestly, sound like dogs when they cough.

When I brought them in they were all pretty bad...but today, 2 days later, Finn and Lilly are acting perfectly fine. Baby Pearl has been an angel throughout the whole things...smiley and happy as ever. Sylvi is also happy as usual for the most part. Those 2 get a little clingy when they are tired!

So...all that said I am thankful that this is all they have. I am glad that they are still mostly happy. But all that "junk"....I always wonder what it's really doing!


raggedy ash said…
flooding you with thoughts of wellness, prayers for superstrong immune systems for all involved, and big big hopes for rest & perseverance for you.

ash <3
Megan Marie said…
OH MY...I feel ya girlfriend. Right here (thump chest with fist over heart).

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