Patricia Gauthier

Right now...sitting at my computer listening to wonderful, playful noises coming from the other room, I cannot speak. So I won''ll have to wait until later.

We miss you grandma! But knowing full well, that you are in Jesus' loving arms right now is enough to ease the hurt.


raggedy ash said…
so much rolled up into one never ceases to amaze me what a day can hold, what a day can mean. sounds like a perfect day for "cake balls"...can't wait to see what those are later!

how blessed were we to have the most fascinating, goofy, bag of contradictions grandma in the world? she gave us our mom. she hardened and softened at will. she could give you a fierce scolding and put you to sleep humming a lullaby.

so much to be thankful and mindful about.
Megan Marie said…
Did she just pass away?


Anne said…
I hope you are okay!

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