Patricia Gauthier Cont....

2 years ago my grandmother, Patricia Gauthier, passed away. There are so many things that I would love to say about her....but that time in my brain seems rather cloudy. The 6 months surrounding these times were unbelievably trying and hard.

Some of the most amazing things I know about my Grandma was her caring soul, her love for children, and her sense of humor. With a stern voice and a loving eye you knew she meant what she said...good or bad. Never able to be too serious for too long, her jokes ran the gamut. Some crude, some sweet and some just darn funny! She had stories to tell about all of her "seasons" of life. She had an exterior that gave off the feel of a vault, as if she wasn't letting anyone matter what. But there was a soft spot you see, and if you hit it just right...the vault was unlocked. It was an amazing feeling to have her skinny little arms wrap around you and hear the jingle of her many rings and she whispered, " I love you" as we would part ways.
There was much to her life that I do not know about...many things that I will never know. But from what I know...her heart was true. She bestowed many qualities upon my mother that I am grateful for today. I miss her. I miss that my children will not know her as well as I did. But that's the sting. And then there's the rejoicing...that my mom was able to spend time with her in her last moments. She was able to hear my grandma speak of her faith and that she indeed would see us again. That's the rejoicing!


Miss said…
that was BEAUTIFULLTY written!!!

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