Runnin' a muck!

Here are two things that just don't seem to fit together in my life. Running & Winter. Since the mild winter days are long behind us I have realized that it is nearly impossible for me to continue a running schedule in the deep, dark, recesses of winter.
During the end of the summer I was averaging about 35 miles a week. What? Yeah...I have a hard time even believing that. It was amazing, I felt (x4) weight was coming off nicely. And then the snow began to fall and temperatures began to drop to sub zero. This...for not acceptable running weather. Just to give you an idea of my previous definition of my "fair weather" running I will back up.
Before baby #1 (preggo Aug. 2003) I began running. I began about 2 years prior to getting pregnant and ran about 4-5 days a week. In the hot sun when I would get home from work around 4:30pm. But...if, by chance, it was too windy, too humid, my clothes weren't just so, my headphones didn't work, my shoes didn't feel right, my socks were not clean or heaven forbid it would actually rain or snow! Forgetaboutit! You would not see me striding along the sidewalk. I just wasn't into that.
Fast forward a few years and you will catch me running in rain, snow, sleet, hair up or hair down, music or not, mismatched socks, shorts that are too small...whatever it takes to get me out for a run. HOWEVER, sub zero temperatures where you practically freeze your nose off are just beyond my acceptable conditions!
So now we are in that time. That time of cold. That time of wind. That time of ice! And I have not run out of doors for some time. And my running has diminished drastically. I am down to about 20 miles a week on a great week.
So in the between times I have been trying to change it up. I have been doing Tae-bo with my well as some of his P90X workouts. I have also been using some of the "variable intensity workouts" that are pre-programmed into our treadmill. I have become ok with the fact that it isn't the time running that counts, but just the time to myself. My boredom is just too great to stay on the treadmill for 1.5 hours at a time. I am just not doing it. all of you who need to switch it up a it! If I can, you can!


Chris said…
I'm with you Alicia...

Biding my time on the elliptical, some TaeBo (via Youtube) and bodyweight exercises (pushups, crunches, squats) until all this cold white stuff melts.

I can't wait to get outside running myself...
Won't come soon enough!!

Hang in there!
Miss said…
1.5 hours at a time! seriously, I am doing good if I get to 45 minutes!!!!!! I did 50 the other day and I was PROUD of myself! =)
I've been switching it up with Tae bo as well. Also a bit of pilates, yogasculpt and even Zumba. SOme lateral movement is good for us with all the repetitive motion of running.
Ehlan said…
Well I just think that you are amazing for being able to exercise at all! I still ahve to figure it out with having kids... :) By the way, how do you find time to run outside with kids at home??
Mommy At Last said…
Hi there. You are inspiring me to get off my lazy bottom and do something :) My situation is the opposite of yours. I can't exercise outside in the summer b/c the Florida humidity is beyond horrible, so winter is my "prime time". By the way this is Mandy1391 - I decided to start blogging on blogger, come by and say hi :)
Welcome to Blogger Mandy1391! I would love to check this acct too, so invite me please!
Mommy At Last said…
Hi Alicia, I'm new at this blogger thing. I think you can just click on my MommyatLast in blue and it will take you to my blog.

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