"Not Me" Monday

Just remember...check in MckMama and her carnival of sorts to read hundreds....possibly thousands of other "not me" moments. Get ready to pee in your pants...OK maybe just a little bit. But don't worry...it will dry!

While making the children lunch last Wednesday I was slicing some cheese. I "did not" drop a pieces and look straight down at it and think "I'll grab it in a second.". Only to walk back in the room minutes later and decide to pick it up...I did NOT just put that in my mouth! I mean...GROSS! I would never do that...especially having a dirty floor.

While getting the appetizer's ready for today's reception at church I did NOT totally forget about the mini quiche! I walked to the kitchen half way through service to do something....not being able to think of it I walked back into the service. 10 minutes prior to service ending, I returned to the kitchen to unwrap everything and put all of the hot food out. It was at that moment that I did NOT remember about the frozen quiche! And no..I would NOT slightly panic at that moment. Come on...who would even notice? And then, as they were baking I did NOT check every 2 minutes by poking my clean pinkie in about 30 of them. NOT me...

While Lilly was proclaiming her overwhelming desire to eat cheesecake today, I did NOT tell her no. And after telling her no...she did NOT reply by saying "FINE, I am just going to go downstairs with Papa then. I am not having any". NOT Lilly...she is much better behaved than that. She would NOT be so sassy! And as a mature mother I would NOT reply by saying..."SEE YA!".

There was a small period of time in my teenage years that I spent in Mexico. After having an exchange student for a year, I returned with her for my summer. Since that time I tend to, at times, translate English into Spanish in my head. So when hearing a conversation at a Mega Store the other day, between a Spanish speaking woman and her child...I did NOT respond to the question she was asking her daughter in Spanish. When she looked at me with a considerable amount of confusion I did NOT just look the other way and start walking....how rude. NOT ME!

So there it is people. Head over to MckMama's to check out other amazing "Not Me Monday" posts. ENJOY and ADIOS!


It is sort of embarrassing when you answer like that isn't it? When in Florida, I tried to start a conversation with a couple and they ignored me. I was thinking I was either mute, or they were rude, when they started speaking in French.
I felt silly.
Cute story about Lilly! It is hard to know whether to laugh or cry at times like these.
How funny! I have a bad habit of butting in other's conversations. I really should learn to keep my mouth shut. Oh wait a sec, maybe I shouldn't have admitted that!
I always wished I had the guts to tell some Spanish speaking people who were trying to cut in line, where the end of the line was. I knew how to say it, but I just couldn't do it. Good for you!!
amanda said…
sooo funny. i always am listening in on others convos i though cannot translate anything into english like you!

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