"Not Me" Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did NOT pour Buttermilk onto my children's cereal in hopes that they may not notice. This would NOT happen because I would NOT run out of staple items such as milk. I am a prepared person...I plan ahead. Furthermore I would NOT then consider using it in my coffee as well in place of half & half. Not me....need I remind you all how particular I am about my coffee.

I tend to allow my children to play in the downstairs family room unassisted and unrestrained. They like to take many toys out at a time and play with them all. With that said I definitely would NEVER bribe them to clean it up. Especially NOT with food...albeit candy! And then when the plan was not working as I had imagined...I would NOT be surprised when my eldest responded with, "FINE, I don't want a sucker!".

We had a wonderful weekend away, but as typical a few details fell through the cracks. One of those details usually means forgetting something, but since I am in charge of packing we definitely did NOT forget one of my things! That would not mean that I had to store my contacts in a cup with saline solution...which my husband did NOT proceed to drink in the middle of the night! OH no...he did NOT drink and ingest my contacts and saline solution. NOT HIM!

So make sure to stop over to
MckMama's site and check our her "Not Me's". And next week I am sure she will indelibly have an amazing list after her first vaca with her Husband sans many small children!


Okay, so his stomach is disinfected, but he'll live, right!? That was awesome, and so something I would do!
How are the runs doing? I hit a wall last week, and only ran 6 miles, then did Zumba, Yoga Sculpt and Tae bo instead. We all need weeks that way sometimes.
Becca said…
so funny about the contacts! Hope you weren't wandering blind for the rest of the weekend :).

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