"Not Me" Monday

Here we are again! Remember to head on over to the Carnival of sorts happening at MckMama's site! Enjoy all of the amazingly funny "not me's" that happened this past week.
Well first and foremost I did "not" go about...hmmm...5 days without showering this week. Secondly this is very unusual and is "not" a normal occurance for me. I am a neat and clean person and wouldn't dream of allowing this sort of lackidazical hygeine.
While at the Children's Museum last week with the entire family I did "not" acidentally flash a small crowd of people. Granted I am pretty sure that if I had..they did "not" even notice. I am an experienced person in the public nursing category...and would never make a rookie mistake like this.
While working out with my husband last night I did "not" glance over at him time and time again smirking. I mean...a wife would not humiliate her husband by laughing at his non-ability to stick to the beat. "Not Me"!
And for now...that's it!


Anonymous said…
Hey Alicia! Thanks for the visit and the sweet comments! Good luck with your venture! I am excited to hear about it.
Anonymous said…
Hey, you might not openly smirk at his non-beat keeping abilities but I sure would! ;)

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