New philosophy; New day.

So today I have been trying a new little technique with the children. It has been my goal to speak quietly, follow through immediately, address them calmly and (try) look calm and relaxed while punishing them.

BIG ORDER FOR SURE...but I have to say this morning went very smoothly. I needed to go to the grocery store, and packing 3 children 3 and under up and moving in the same direction is difficult...but doable with this technique for sure. So we did..came home...had lunch...then a little chaos broke out. But I kept my cool and got through it. Now...silence's naptime! The reward is that I feel like I have communicated clearly my intentions with them and it does not involve feeling terrrible about how I dealt with it! THANK GOD!

Oh yeah...and I still haven't had a baby! MAN


Miss said…
woo hoo for you! good job lady!
susanc said…
Hello!! Can I start by saying I am full of admiration for you that you are 'normally' patient with your children...that's fantastic...I have a playgroup friend and each time I see her(she has two year old girl twins) I try so hard to be MORE patient with mine.
Good luck with baby no four...its a great number, you will love it!!
and as for your new day, I'm going to have one now too...breath in, breath, Susan, clean up breakfast :)
It's the little things right?

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